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Anglican Diocese Montreal

Logo design & Branding guide Category Branding Date 2013 - present Client Anglican Diocese Montreal Challenge Creating...


Logo design &
Branding guide

Category Branding
Date 2013 - present
Client Anglican Diocese Montreal


Creating a logo for the Anglican Diocese of Montreal presented a few challenges.  The diocese had been using their shield – rather their Arms – as a logo ever since the formal grant of these arms on January 5, 1960 by the College of Arms in London, England. Since the diocese had been using the arms for over 50 years it was understandable that creating a new logo was a daunting task for everyone and so the first request was to keep the shield but modernize it and make it more attractive to youth.

We researched other dioceses around the world that had been faced with the same test and presented the results of our research in a comprehensive document. This set the road to developing an entirely new logo.


The presence of water is important to Montrealers and no less to the Anglican Diocese of Montreal. And while mountains have a significant symbolic value in the Bible, they  are first and foremost part of the physical reality of the Bible as it is on the island of Montreal with its small mountain immediately west of downtown. And finally, doves have been a symbol of peace for thousands of years. Putting the three symbols together in a simple and elegant way was the real challenge.

Results led to more

The result was an enthusiastic and very happy client. We provided easy templates for posters, ads and other materials so they could continue on their own. And so the diocese has a modern and youthful look.

After completing the logo and branding guide, we were asked to redesign the diocese’s newspaper. We wanted the paper to reflect the actual demographics of the city and the congregations so we changed the bilingual name Anglican Montreal Anglican to simply Anglican Montreal. As mentioned by Harvey Shepherd in the first issue in September 2014, “The more contemporary layout is designed to enhance the appeal of the diocese to a new generation, …while still being respectful of Anglican tradition”.

Below are selected pages from the branding guide.


This is the new Anglican Montreal newspaper which you can view on their web site.


Below are selected pages from “Dioceses around the World” which was part of the research done to show the Montreal Diocese how other dioceses approached the same project.