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Brain Canada Foundation

Annual Report 2017 Category Publications Date 2010 - present Client Brain Canada Foundation The 2017 report The Brain...


Annual Report 2017

Category Publications
Date 2010 - present
Client Brain Canada Foundation

The 2017 report

The Brain Canada Foundation (known as “Brain Canada”) is focused on raising and disbursing funds to support brain research in Canada. In the Message from the Chair and the President in this year’s report it states that, “We are proud to report that, to date, Brain Canada’s donors and 59 partners—including research institutes, provincial agencies and voluntary health organizations—have committed more than $85 million towards our $100-million goal, a dramatic increase from the $45 million reported in our 2013 Annual Report. This is well ahead of our timeline to close the campaign by March 2017. The funds are being matched by the Government of Canada on a 1:1 basis.” This means that Brain Canada has raised $170 million in new funding directed towards integrated research. To learn more about Brain Canada’s research programs please visit braincanada.ca

Changes for 2017

This year Brain Canada wanted to showcase their researchers throughout the report. We changed the report style to resemble a magazine format, used mostly large photos, and colourful graphs and charts. The cover features members The Frontier Trial project, led by Dr. Laurie Morrison of University of Toronto, bringing together neurologists, neuroscientists, biostatisticians and emergency medicine specialists from across Canada, to test a drug that can be administered by paramedics, aimed at reducing the devastating damage caused by stroke by up to 50%.


“There have been very positive comments about the contents, and about the quality and vividness of the photos and especially the cover shot…I think this is our best report yet.” — Inez Jabalpurwala, President and CEO, Brain Canada

Front cover and page 4 shots: Teddy Chau (for other photography please consult the pdf on Brain Canada’s web site)

Annual Report 2015

Below are the covers of annual reports from 2009 to 2014. You can see these reports by visiting braincanada.ca

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